Interiorology is a path to connect with yourself, nature, and your living spaces.

You need more than pretty decor to have healthy, flourishing living spaces

“Just as a flower needs the right environment to bloom, we need the right home in which to flourish”

-Laurel James


INTERIOROLOGY - Home Design from Within


By: Laurel James



Are you feeling stuck not knowing how to move in your life…..feeling unbalanced…or uplifted? Whatever you are feeling not peaceful about in your life, this book will give you a chance to reflect on your inner home and help you see how your living environment can help you grow. In this ground breaking book, Interiorology will guide you on a path of discovering your home within with your living space one awareness at a time. It will show you how to access your deeper self by understanding your relationship with your environment. This introduction to Interiorology will awaken possibilities, positive aspects, and expressions of the true you in your home. Playfully explore the interior of you to inspire growth, rejuvenation and creativity in your inner and outer environment. Reconnect with your living space and your heart to move through life’s transitions.




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